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Vaccine Talk Continues....

Not to touch on an ongoing controversial subject,  but really people.  WAKE UP.

My children have never been vaccinated.  These are the questions I strongly encourage you to get answered before making a decision to vaccinate.

1.  Who do I know that DOES NOT vaccinate and what are their reasons?
2.  Are there any statistics taken  on those that have autism, learning disabilities, who have NEVER been vaccinated?   

Sign a petition here:

3.  If my child gets......     Measels (the actual disease), what are the statistically significant risks?
                                        Chickenpox, what are the risks?
                                        Mumps?  What happens to a child with mumps?  What are the REAL risks of the disease?

4.  What are the risks and benefits of delaying vaccines to age 2 (the age when a child's immune system is fully developed.)

5.   What are the other adjuvants in a vaccine i am considering for my child and WHY IS IT THERE??
       (For Example,   the reason Thimerosol (a mercury compound) is in vaccines is to kill off other viruses/enzymes/unwanted tissue contamination.    Don't you think this would have an affect on Healthy tissues?

6.  How are vaccine studies done and what LONG TERM STUDIES or DRUG INTERACTION STUDIES are completed before a vaccine is approved by the FDA?

7.  What is the reason for the timing of vaccines?  Why at 2 months, 4 months, etc.  Why are they in tandem with Well Baby visits?   Is this a scientific reason or based on the convenience of parents and physicians?

8.  What are the repercussions of a Vaccine Injury?   Can you sue the manufacturer if they do not properly recall a vaccination?  (The answer is NO.)

9.   WHAT HAPPENS IN INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES who do not have the aggressive vaccine schedule that the US and England both have?   Are you hearing of Polio outbreaks in Japan?  In Canada?  In France?  How about Mumps or Measles?   Do you hear of epidemics in Norway or Germany?      WHAT ARE THEIR RATES OF vaccination and what are the results?

10.  Do you know what risks have developed as a result of the aggressive vaccine schedule in the USA?   Ask your doctor why Shingles is being seen for the first time in children as a result of the Chicken pox vaccine and how the Chickenpox vaccine increases YOUR risk for shingles.    FIND OUT about the newer, more VIRULENT strain of pertussis in the population due to the mutated virus from the one given in vaccination.

11.  Ask your doctor whatever happened to the DTP and why was it changed from DTP to the DTaP?  Get your answer.

12.  Ask why the Oral Polio vaccine was given to MILLIONS of children and now it is not used?

13.  FINALLY,   ask yourself what alternatives are available and more importantly, WHY ARE THEY NOT EXPLORED?   Vitamin C is a powerful agent and it is extremely cheap to administer.   Why is this not studied more extensively and compared to the effectiveness in fighting disease versus vaccines who have a miserable score of ACTUALLY PROTECTING YOU FROM THE THING YOU ARE TRYING TO PREVENT?     For those out there still naive enough to think the government or drug companies are protecting you, the one word answer is MONEY.  

On a personal note, I have stories that I carry.
1.  I have one friend whose child died of SIDS 3 days after his first immunizations at 2 months of age.  Did you know the CDC doesn't take ANY STATISTICS for children who DIE after the first 48 hours?  So if there have been thousands of children over the last 2 decades that have died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 3 or more days after their first shots,  NO ONE can PROVE IT.  Did you know most children die of SIDS between 2-4 months of age?  Did you know that Japan raised the minimum age to AGE 2 for vaccination and now boasts one of  the best infant mortality rates in the WORLD?  (The US is #34, behind CUBA, a third world country.)

2.  Immunizations weaken your immune system for a time after they are given.  I used to babysit for a woman who didn't believe in giving vaccinations, but her husband did.  At 8 months old, she relented and brought her baby in for her first shots.  One week later, she was in the doctor's office with blood in her diaper and she died one year later of Leukemia.  This mother blames the shots for weakening her baby's immune system to a point that the cancer cells (The leukemia) had a chance to thrive and her body couldn't catch up and fight off the cancer in time. Some cancer theory revolves around the fact that cancer is CAUSED by viruses.....was her baby given the virus in a contaminated vaccine?

3.  I have a friend who's oldest son has Asbergers.  Her second son has recently been diagnosed with a learning disability and her third son has asthma.  MY CONCERN is that there may be some genetic link or predisposition and that continuing to vaccinate is simply not a good idea.

4.  We stopped vaccinating in the 1990s.  My last two children have NEVER been vaccinated.
My oldest son was vaccinated until kindergarten.   He contracted shingles at age 19.  My younger two got the chickenpox from him (as they have had no chickenpox vaccine) and were over it within the week (more like 3 days)  with some help from a herpes homeopathy.  (Chickenpox is a herpes virus).   By being exposed to my children's 'wild virus' chickenpox, I have lowered my own chance of contracting shingles, as my immune system was 'reminded' of my previous chickenpox virus. In case you are unaware: Western Medicine does not have all the answers.   There are alternative methods to caring for symptoms of unwanted disease.  I read a study that supplementing with Vit A greatly reduced the mortality of measles.

 In our community, there have been epidemics of whooping cough going around for years  (pertussis). Pertussis is most dangerous in babies under 1 years of age.  But by breastfeeding solely for the first year and not putting my child in daycare, I was never worried.    Two years ago, we may have had it but will never know, as the doctors don't like to test for it, as they are required to report it to the CDC.  Pertussis or not, it was not life threatening.  Just a very annoying cough for quite some time.  I kept my kids at home most of the time and had them wash their hands constantly.  The Pertussis vaccine given to my oldest son was a 'DTP'  which was touted as "safe and necessary' at the time.   Funny,  20 years later, they declared the P in DTP too unsafe and changed it to the DTaP (or acellular version) as the DTP was considered more 'dangerous'.

Last,  I realize this is completely anecdotal, but my children rarely miss school on account of being sick.  I have had friends tell me that they have gotten sick after getting the flu vaccine and there has been cases of children dying from the flu vaccine.   Do your DUE DILIGENCE and find cases of otherwise healthy children who die of the flu!  If you educate yourself A LITTLE BIT on how to build a solid immune system in your children and understand how our sanitary practices prevent disease more than any other preventative treatment.

Pick and choose.  I am not completely again vaccination.  I may choose to vaccinate my children against Meningitis or other things as we begin to travel outside the country (Malaria, for example).   I am currently considering a tetanus vaccine for my 6 year old who runs around outside with no shoes in our new neighborhood with lots of construction.    But I WILL refuse a DTP and seek out the ONE we may choose.

I will continue to advocate against giving precious babies, who were 'fearfully and wonderfully made' increasing numbers of vaccines in a ONE SIZE fits all fashion.  I will continue to educate myself and those around me and question the status quo as I have since age 18.  For me, the red flag is ANYTHING the government mandates.  The first question to always ask is WHY?

Finally,  I will be looking for a new documentary on the subject,'THE GREATER GOOD' and encourage you to do the same.  Also,  another website and blog  i have found with a terrific blog on the subject out of the UK.  

You can wait until the government comes out and says,"We had it all wrong, I am sorry."  "You don't REALLY have to get vaccinated."   Or you can educate yourself and avoid the risks or at least manage them in a way that is best for you.  I hope you choose the latter.

God Bless.



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