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If You Love Your Children, Discipline Them, Please!

Is it just me or are parents getting more and more "permissive"? Parents afraid of their 3 and 4 year olds and SO EXHUASTED of parenting that they have already given up. I always imagine old episodes of Maury Povich when women would go on there, crying that their 10 year old beat them up. This blog is my two cents on discipline. After a being a mom for 1 year less than TWO DECADES, I think i am qualified. My two oldest are quite the little high achievers, both get great grades and in my biased opinion, are good citizens.

In a mom group I attended a while back, they were all reading a book promoting the ridiculous idea that time-outs 'withhold love' and therefore are not healthy. The place was so filled with whiny, clingy, out-of-control children it made my skin crawl. My feeling is that time-outs are best executed like Super Nanny, where the child is first warned once, then put in time out with no explanation until the time-out is completed. (One minute per age of you…

Homemade Deodorant

I like to blog about the random things i am proud of: Namely new recipes and things that bring out my inner hippie.
I stopped using mainstream, store-bought deodorant, probably soon after High School with the birth of my oldest son. I remember getting a few samples in my cheerleader days, but since then I have been on a quest to find the best Non-Antiperspirant on the market. I learned the dangers of Aluminum early on, and have steered clear of Aluminum pots,vaccinations, and ESPECIALLY ANTI-PERSPIRANT ever since. I am not interested in putting toxic compounds near my lymph nodes and precious breast tissue on a daily basis. Nor am i interested in preventing my body from carrying out its NORMAL processes: namely sweating and menstruation.
That's not to say I haven't struggled a bit with a good dose of BO. Ask my husband. In the summertime, he would walk in the door and let me know he smelled some 'funk'. Upon attending a mom group in the city, I learned about "zinc d…