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One Week of Utter Chaos, Total Blessing

WOW. After a week of juggling babies...I am finally getting the hang of it. Three kids under three while trying to be present for the others. But literally, I juggle babies all day. My giant two year old stands beside me to nurse, my hands are occupied with a tiny baby and his bottle (ugh!) and a grieving one year old is usually strapped to my back to keep her from crying.
More than once this week i have wished i could nurse her. She has seemed so sad....slowly, every day gets better. It is for her sake I hope they become our forever children.
More than once this week i have prayed for grace, and gotten it. More than once this week i have skipped a meal because I am too busy juggling. More than once this week I decided to stay home rather than run that errand. More than once I changed really stinky poopy diapers. More than once my husband this week my husband has done more than his share. More than once I have seen God's Hand in my business more than ever before.
I am truly blessed.