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New Season, New Goals, New Life.

Once again, I am changing gears. Once again, I have done some inner reflecting and seek to get a step closer to fulfilling my biggest goals and desires. Once again, I have a gracious God who has rescued me from the mire and muck and has created or continues to create in me a 'clean heart.'

First, without getting too overwhelmingly personal, let's just say the inner healing has taken a huge leap forward and I am feeling completely healed from the past! Wow. I now enjoy the freedom to live in the present both through the ability to recognize situations from a healthier perspective and can focus on the blossoming process that will carry me toward becoming all that I can for Christ.

As Adelina begins kindergarten this fall, I have felt an approaching window in my near future as well. This is an opportunity to reinvent myself, follow those passions, dive into my strengths, and relish in the adventure of not seeing around the bend. Resting on the faith in a really, really …