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My good friend wrote a blog about her propensity for people. i am a People Person, too. Imagine that. I know EXACTLY what she means, when lamenting her mother-ness, being holed up in the house with conversations like, "mommy, i'm hungry." "Oh yeah, its 1pm, you must be hungry. Would you like a turkey sandwich?" "sure," says the four year old.

I have solved a least a portion of my need for people by realizing that going to the coffee shop fulfills at least a portion of that need. This is puzzling at least for a few reasons, I hang out with folks twice my age, and have conditioned myself to seek out retired folk for company. But the other reason is because i live with 7 other people most months of the year. Granted, most of them are at school and work during the day, and into the evening, but i would say connection is sporadic and unpredictable. We function full speed ahead during the week, pausing for brief conversations throughout the evening, but…