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Candy Bar - Adoption Party for Bigger Kids

Our adoption is FINAL!  Whoo hoo!

So I threw a big, BIG party.  I wanted to share a few photos and give a few tips or discuss the challenges...It wasn't easy finding stuff on the internet or pinterest with ideas for Adoption Parties for bigger kids...inviting them into the family and what it all means.  I pieced it all together and used a number of cool ideas from Pinterest and bit off quite a bit more than I realized...but it was fun and well worth it.  Here are some shots of the candy bar and some homemade decorations.

I decided thinking of it a bit like a wedding reception, since our family was gaining nieces, grand-daughters, cousins, and we were making a life time commitment to them in being their forever family.

My family was not unhappy that I practiced making cake pops ahead of time, and my mom is well versed in dipped pretzels.  Our colors were purple and teal (the girls helped decide) and we were off and running.  The ceiling at the venue was very high, so i decided flo…
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God's Heartbeat.....

As I have entered into a world recently that many are unaware of, I have become convinced that I should speak up.Foster children are the invisible children around us.My message to you is that more families or couples in our churches need to nominate themselves to become foster parents.Not because they have time.Not because they are in the perfect place in their lives.Not because they are waiting for God to ‘tell’ them.I think we need more people to take radical, preemptive leaps of faith, for the sake of these children.I think we need to stop more often take notice of the need and wonder what Jesus thinks of the children in foster care. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 9:13)and  we are instructed to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is Heaven,” I sometimes wonder if we have the ability to usher the Kingdom into our very homes by caring for the most vulnerable among us--…

Life Lessons from a Difficult Season in Marriage

I am back.  Feeling the need to blog. The need to share my hard-learned wisdom with whomever will stop long enough to read it.

In the years since I have really blogged, I have continued to grow and change quite a bit. I wish I could detail more of what has occurred over the past 3 years, but out of respect for marriage, I will not elaborate, only share the main lessons I have learned which have been life changing for me.

For women in difficult marriages, I will say this: Cloud and Townsend  are some of the best people with some of the best advice I have ever encountered.  I have read almost everything they have published and I highly recommend Boundaries for any interpersonal issues.

I will also say that if you are in a difficult marriage, for whatever reason, God has His eye on you.  First and Foremost, get as  familiar as possible with how GOD views you and do not let  how you view you or how anyone else views you cloud the TRUTH.  Choose to believe His…

Vaccine Talk Continues....

Not to touch on an ongoing controversial subject,  but really people.  WAKE UP.

My children have never been vaccinated.  These are the questions I strongly encourage you to get answered before making a decision to vaccinate.

1.  Who do I know that DOES NOT vaccinate and what are their reasons?
2.  Are there any statistics taken  on those that have autism, learning disabilities, who have NEVER been vaccinated?   

Sign a petition here:

3.  If my child gets......     Measels (the actual disease), what are the statistically significant risks?
                                        Chickenpox, what are the risks?
                                        Mumps?  What happens to a child with mumps?  What are the REAL risks of the disease?

4.  What are the risks and benefits of delaying vaccines to age 2 (the age when a child's immune sy…

New Season, New Goals, New Life.

Once again, I am changing gears. Once again, I have done some inner reflecting and seek to get a step closer to fulfilling my biggest goals and desires. Once again, I have a gracious God who has rescued me from the mire and muck and has created or continues to create in me a 'clean heart.'

First, without getting too overwhelmingly personal, let's just say the inner healing has taken a huge leap forward and I am feeling completely healed from the past! Wow. I now enjoy the freedom to live in the present both through the ability to recognize situations from a healthier perspective and can focus on the blossoming process that will carry me toward becoming all that I can for Christ.

As Adelina begins kindergarten this fall, I have felt an approaching window in my near future as well. This is an opportunity to reinvent myself, follow those passions, dive into my strengths, and relish in the adventure of not seeing around the bend. Resting on the faith in a really, really …

If You Love Your Children, Discipline Them, Please!

Is it just me or are parents getting more and more "permissive"? Parents afraid of their 3 and 4 year olds and SO EXHUASTED of parenting that they have already given up. I always imagine old episodes of Maury Povich when women would go on there, crying that their 10 year old beat them up. This blog is my two cents on discipline. After a being a mom for 1 year less than TWO DECADES, I think i am qualified. My two oldest are quite the little high achievers, both get great grades and in my biased opinion, are good citizens.

In a mom group I attended a while back, they were all reading a book promoting the ridiculous idea that time-outs 'withhold love' and therefore are not healthy. The place was so filled with whiny, clingy, out-of-control children it made my skin crawl. My feeling is that time-outs are best executed like Super Nanny, where the child is first warned once, then put in time out with no explanation until the time-out is completed. (One minute per age of you…