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New Subjects I anticipate writing about...

Okay. Where to start?

I officially became a student midwife in January! I sat in the first class and decided that this was exactly where i was meant to be. I cried all the way home, FINALLY able to identify myself officially as "Student Midwife." The class ended in April, and now i am now my own to study (yeah, right!) in order to finish the cirriculum needed to finish the journey.

Thanks to the study group i attend, I found out about a local midwife practice looking for an apprentice. Since one of them happened to be my midwife, i figured I had a good chance. After an interview, i was accepted, along with another fellow student midwife as her apprentices. I began apprenticing last week. WOW. Surreal, let me tell you. So far, I am in love with their clients and wish already they were my clients. I have gotten to feel their babies and listen to heart tones and anticipate with them the arrival of their biggest joy.

Foster kids: The reason i am behind on this blog is that i have s…