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New Years Resolution

Long time no type.

So the year has been off to a slow start. One kid sick, then another, then my husband, then me. Usually by the first week or so of January, i have usually written an extensive list of goals i would like to accomplish, normal, daily resolutions, who i would like to be by the end of the year. You know, workout, eat healthier, etc. This year, i am taking a new approach.

My only resolution is to leave the country, preferably more than once. I will most likely begin with Mexico, my sister plans to get married there this summer, but my sincere wish is to finally become fluent in Spanish. I practice, now and again, with whom ever or what ever will speak with me, but I hope to find myself blissfully enrolled in a language immersion least for a couple of weeks. That means finding a child arrangement, obtaining passport, coordinating finances,etc. Heck, when you're 22 its much different to get out of responsibilities then when you are mother to four, wife to on…