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New Subjects I anticipate writing about...

Okay. Where to start?

I officially became a student midwife in January! I sat in the first class and decided that this was exactly where i was meant to be. I cried all the way home, FINALLY able to identify myself officially as "Student Midwife." The class ended in April, and now i am now my own to study (yeah, right!) in order to finish the cirriculum needed to finish the journey.

Thanks to the study group i attend, I found out about a local midwife practice looking for an apprentice. Since one of them happened to be my midwife, i figured I had a good chance. After an interview, i was accepted, along with another fellow student midwife as her apprentices. I began apprenticing last week. WOW. Surreal, let me tell you. So far, I am in love with their clients and wish already they were my clients. I have gotten to feel their babies and listen to heart tones and anticipate with them the arrival of their biggest joy.

Foster kids: The reason i am behind on this blog is that i have spent the last 3 months adjusting to my foster babes. And adjustment is hardly the word. Only a month or two in, we were given the option to adopt. Scarred to death and not certain, we have told them no... Since asked the question we have been on an emotional roller coaster due in part to sleepless nights, no more sleeping in on weekends, overall exhaustion, frustration, changes in our work and home environment, and inability to resume normal life. Yet finding ourselves in love and with a love that has been growing (albeit slowly at times), but surely growing and developing until only TODAY do we feel that we cannot stomach their departure. Now with a four month old who coos at us and smiles and kicks so vigorously with delight, and a 17 month old whom we've taught so much about how great the world can be, we feel like the new additions not only will fit in, but were meant to be here all along.

Pretty soon, I'll be blogging about my adopted children. wow.


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As I have entered into a world recently that many are unaware of, I have become convinced that I should speak up.Foster children are the invisible children around us.My message to you is that more families or couples in our churches need to nominate themselves to become foster parents.Not because they have time.Not because they are in the perfect place in their lives.Not because they are waiting for God to ‘tell’ them.I think we need more people to take radical, preemptive leaps of faith, for the sake of these children.I think we need to stop more often take notice of the need and wonder what Jesus thinks of the children in foster care. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 9:13)and  we are instructed to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is Heaven,” I sometimes wonder if we have the ability to usher the Kingdom into our very homes by caring for the most vulnerable among us--…

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