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The Toddler Blog

Toddlers are funny creatures. This just occurred to me, actually. Well, for the millionth time. I have my FOURTH one (Hard to believe, I know, even for me) and she says, "Mommy, I have to go potty." You see, we did the whole EC (elimination communication) thing and she has been wearing panties since before her second birthday. But that is not the subject of this blog (stay tuned for future blogs on the subject). It is that toddlers are funny....and that occurred to me as she was skipping her way back to the bathroom wearing her one piece brown polka dot bathing suit (backwards, of course). Even as i write, she has dug out the bottoms of her 2 piece and is currently naked. Keep in mind, although it is an unseasonably warm winter here in Northern California, it is January.

She insists upon pink most of the time. Pink egg shakers in music class, pink clothing, pink stuffed doggies in a bag at the toy store, pink strawberry shortcake nightgown, pink bows and hairthings, pink everything! Did i mention that I own a pink Kitchen Aid mixer because I had PINK on the brain during my entire last pregnancy??

Toddlers. They want what they want, when they want it. Try explaining to a two year old why we don't have chocolate for lunch. Or why she needs to wear CLOTHING to go out, or why she should leave the cat alone while its trying to eat, or why mommy really needs her to whisper while she's on the phone because its an IMPORTANT business call. Yeah right.... I guess it is the art of always being in awe of the child mind that keeps me sane.

This phase is not anything new, I realize, but its interesting how a little person who is so ego-centric at such a young age has the potential to have self-esteem issues later on. I guess that is one of the many jobs of parents: To protect their self esteem, to instill their worth to their very core so that the world doesn't beat them down so much that they don't achieve what psychologist call "SELF ACTUALIZATION". Protecting their ability to achieve their fullest potential until they are able to do a good job of protecting and then advancing themselves. Food for thought.


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