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Homeopathy Experiment

Adelina has chicken pox. At two and a half, that is not such a bad thing, but i have lost some sleep over the last week because of it. You see, i co-sleep, and heat makes it worse, so her little warm, itchy body would wake up, ask for water and then scratch.

Meanwhile, I have had some mild Adult acne for a number of years. About six (before and after the last pregnancy) i believe. A dear friend mentioned i should try some homeopathic cell salts. After a bit of research, i bought the combo remedy she recommended: Hyland's Bioplasma cell salts. After about a month, i noticed a HUGE difference. I was thrilled! I decided that since i was having all this luck with homeopathy, why not try it on Adelina? The right remedy literally jumped out at me on the stand. Hyland's HIVES remedy. I read the bottle, it didn't say anything about chicken pox, but i decided to bring it home and research it a bit more.

At home, i looked up all the funny sounding names and nearly all of them were an appropriate remedy for chicken pox. The thing with homeopathy, is that you have to take into consideration ALL of the symptoms and use some intuition in determining what those are...especially in a small child who cannot always explain. BUT, chicken pox is fairly straight forward. In addition to the Hives Remedy, I gave her homeopathic sulphur as well, another appropriate remedy for chicken pox. You give one dose and then wait. I waited. I noticed almost immediately that she stopped scatching incessantly. I gave her another dose later that day.Her chicken pox dried up so fast, I didn't even use the box of Aveeno Oatmeal bath i bought her! With the right remedy and some more education, i am definately going to be turning more and more to homeopathy for my family's health issues. Hmmmm....i wonder if i can improve Mike's asthma????


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